Touch of Class
Custom Railroad Models

Avid modeler and scratchbuilder

Touch of Class Custom Railroad Models began in the early 1980s. A coworker saw a Pro Custom Hobbies I – 17 caboose and asked me to build his model for him.

In 1985, we found Paul´s Model Railroad Shop in New Oxford, Pennsylvania. Scott, the owner, ran a model contest every year. At my wife's urging, I decided to enter the contest in 1985. I scratchbuilt a LeTourneau CH – 80 Side Porter. Model Railroader ran an article on the side loader. The model took First Place in the Rolling Stock Division. I was hooked.

In 1989, Model Railroading ran a series of articles on building a B & O Coal Mine. This is the largest structure I have built. The structure has 3 lights operated by a 1.5 volt battery.

While operating on a friend's layout, I noticed he had a lumber and coal yard in one section of the layout. When asked about where he got the idea for the building, he told me that the plans were in 3 installments in Model Railroader. This structure has lights as well. I modified the plans by adding an office and workshop with interior. Slide back the door to the workshop and the lights turn on.

A railroad was looking for custom built diesels as presentation gifts and asked me to build some for them. That is when the name "Touch of Class Custom Railroad Models" actually began.

I began custom building kits for friends in 1997. As word spread, I received more orders.

For rolling stock, I enjoy building all types of kits. I have built Ambroid, Quality Craft, Gloor Craft, and La Belle wood kits. In resin, I have built Funaro & Camerlengo, Sunshine Models, Pacific Mountain Scale Shops, Sylvan Scale Models, and Westerfield kits.

As for structures, I enjoy the scratchbuilding of models. Scratchbuilding allows me to customize the plans to suit my needs. I do build laser kits as well and have several on my layout.


I custom build cars for people who are looking for more than the average car for their collection. My work speaks for itself in the quality of construction and detail. I would not sell you a car or structure that I would not want on my layout. In that regards, my prices are probably higher than others. Please do not ask me to compromise on the price. My charges are fair compared to the amount of work I put into a model.

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