Touch of Class
Custom Railroad Models


Ordering is rather easy. Use the Contact Form to request a quote. Fill out the form as completely as possible.

The following are included in the price:

Your model comes with the appropriate cut levers, air hoses, brake lines, and all brake linkage. Wheels are gauged and painted.

The cars are weighted to NMRA standards (if you desire).

The cost to build a caboose or passneger car is higher.

Other information

You can send your kits to me for building. Include all items (trucks, wheels, etc.) that you want me to use.

If you would like, I will order the kits and parts. I will ask you to send a check for the cost of the materials before I begin construction.

I do not ask for final payment before shipping your kit. I expect you to receive your model and inspect it. I have never had an issue with someone not paying for their model. I hope this does not change. I do expect prompt payment once you receive your model.